Son of Bjorg, Battle-Priest of Skadi


Asbjorn was born the son of Bjorg, then chieftain of the Wintersworn tribe. His mother, Sif, wife to the chieftain, gave birth to him at the apex of the full moon’s travel across the starry night. It was the coldest night of the decade, according to the elders of the tribe. Sif did not survive childbirth.

The elders, devotees of Skadi, declared this child an omen from their frigid goddess, and it was decided that Asbjorn would be placed in training as a battle-priest of Skadi. He was taught to despise the soft eastern civilizations of the world, and that once day their goddess would sweep through the skies from the far west and blow a wind of unending frost and devastation upon the heathen lands. But, many weeks before the rituals of divine investiture were to be performed upon him, granting him the ability to channel Skadi’s divine anger and wrath through himself, he began to manifest wild divine magicks on his own. The elders believed this to be a blessing from the Mistress of the Hunt Herself and increased his training twofold.

Years later, now a grown man and vying for the leadership of the Wintersworn battle-priests, along with a few stout companions, must venture to the despicable eastern lands and prove himself worthy.

Skadi, True Neutral Lesser Deity
Goddess of Winter and the Hunt

Portfolio: Earth, mountains, snow
Domains: Destruction, Earth, Strength
Favored Weapon: Greataxe


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