Child of Winter


There is a legend passed down among the wintersworn. A great shaman on a vision quest communed with the great wyrm of Skadi, Ixcantilus. The dragon told this shaman that as long as they remained in favour they would be blessed with a child of winter. This child would bear the image of the great wyrm.

Whether the legend is true or not is anyone guess however there has always been one and only one child of winter born to the wintersworn each generation. Kaleq was one such child.

Kaleq began exhibiting the signs early on, he seemed to ignore the cold as a child. As he ages he is being shaped more and more in the image of Ixcantilus.

The gifts granted to him by Skadi allowed him to rise quickly in status among the tribe members. Kaleq is fiercely loyal to the tribe and Skadi.

Now a grown man, eager to prove himself worthy of his gifts, along with a few stout companions, must venture to the despicable eastern lands and prove himself worthy.


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